Information Systems Development

For more than 20 years, imoon has specialized in developing web systems.

If you’ve previously worked with software companies or programmers on information systems projects, you already know that development can quickly extend beyond the scope of work.

Over the years, we have implemented business practices that guarantee each client’s project is completed on time and on budget .We are careful about thoroughly detailing the scope of work from the start of each project.

Additionally, our goal for every project is to develop a solution that will work for decades without any problems.

Because of our extensive experience in this area, we have numerous information systems that we developed more than a decade ago, that continue to work smoothly today. We will bring the same commitment to quality to your project as well.


To ensure the success of your project, we always build a fundamental specifications document at the beginning on every project. This document contains:

  • User levels – who will work with the system and what permission levels will the system require.
  • Wireframes – detailed visual mapping down to the placement of individual buttons.
  • Processes – a full chart of all behind-the-scenes operations the system utilize.
  • Reports – the information that the system administrator will be need the system to produce.
  • Alerts – are there any events for which the system should create an alert?
  • Admin dashboard – a breakdown of all the operations that can be performed by the system administrator.
  • Log – the actions that the system will record.
  • ERD – a detailed specification of all the Database entities.
  • Meta data – the ‘additional information’ that the system will track. This is the information that will help resolve any system problems. For example, which user who performed a particular action that caused the system to respond in an unexpected manner? When did the action happen? What was the result of the action?

Business Comprehension

Writing a good specifications document requires a lot of experience and a technology background, but that alone is not enough. We will also work closely with you to dive into what drives your business. We will help you define the solutions that will be supported by this system. We will track your business metrics to gain an understanding of why you need new software.

We Ask Questions

We take nothing for granted. During the specifications process, we ask questions, check each requirement from different directions and examine the cost and necessity of each feature. We will help you examine technological alternatives and think about every detail so that the system works perfectly.

Recommendation on Technological Tools

In the specifications process, we will sometimes discover that certain actions can be implemented using existing technological tools. For example, is it necessary to build a New CMS or a new financial tracking system, when we can integrate your new software into you existing solutions instead. In these situations, we will recommend combining existing processes in order to save costs and shorten your development timeline.

User-Friendly Systems

A new software system is only as good as the users who operate it. If your users don’t understand the new system, they will be less likely to use it to its full potential.

Our systems are built to be accessible and user friendly. We specialize in developing interface systems with high user information (UI) and user experience (UX) standards. If your users can intuitively understand how the system works, they will be much more likely to use the system.

Our systems are also developed so that they are easy to monitor, backup and restore. Most information systems will continue to grow after the initial setup, so it is very important that we build a system that handle future functionality.

Development and QA

We approach the development process by starting with a comprehensive and broad view of all system components, and an understanding of how they are all connected. We then make sure that the development team understands the essence of the system in depth.

During development, sometimes unexpected data will emerge that requires rethinking the solution. But when we develop a comprehensive specifications document, surprises are much less likely to happen. Additionally, with a deeper understanding of what’s required, our developers can produce more ‘out of the box’ solutions, allowing the development process to flow smoothly.

After development is finished, we will continue to test the system. But we don’t wait until the end of the project to conduct testing. We perform tests throughout the entire development process.

In information systems, each component depends on several other components, and we don’t want a ‘domino effect’ to occur at the end of the project. Therefore, each component is tested individually upon completion of its development without waiting until the completion of the project.

We like paper and pencils but we also use professional technological tools during the development process. We develop with a version management system (source control), mainly with git so that the code is backed up and can be restored to any point in time in the past. We also work with project management tools – mainly Asana.

Israel-Based Programmers

Our development team is based here in Israel, and your project will be managed by an Israeli development manager who understands you and your specific needs.

Why choose imoon?

  • We have designed and developed more than 500 information systems.
  • Our hands-on project managers are available to answer all your questions.
  • We take ownership of the entire project—start to finish.
  • We have experience with large and small projects.
  • We continue to work closely with you after development has ended to ensure there are no unexpected system glitches.

Interested in knowing more? Learn more about our work process or click here to contact us and schedule an appointment.


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