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Working with imoon

Founded in 2004, imoon was one of the first companies in Israel to specialize in software development and web-based information systems.

With nearly two decades of experience, we build custom software projects that solve common and complex business solutions. Our streamlined work process ensures that our software projects are completed on time and on budget.

The imoon Process

The first stage in our software development process is to define the project scope.

At this stage, we build a software requirements specification (SRS), in partnership with the client, to generally describe the problem and the solution we are proposing. This document allows us to estimate our workload and to map out key project components and specialty areas.

These specialty areas are those that require special attention by our project managers or by the head of our development team, such as integration with other systems. We map these issues out as early as possible to avoid ‘surprises’ later in the development process.

After completing the requirements document, we issue a cost estimate based on those requirements. Once the estimate is approved, the work process begins.

*Insider Tip: Whether you work with imoon or another software company, we recommend preparing an independent draft of your requirements document before the first meeting. Even if your plan is not fully developed, it will help the software company understand your project priorities.

Did You Know?

Only about 10% of software development projects in the world are considered ‘successful’. Global statistics indicate that 70% of software development projects in the world fail.

Additional data indicates that only 2.5% of projects reach a success rate of 100% (source link).

Specification Process

Following the requirements process, we start the specification process. We won’t start software development until we finalize a specifications document.

Why do we need a specification document in addition to the requirements document?

The requirements document defines the work process in general terms, which helps us build an estimated timeline and budget. The specification document details the project and breaks it down into smaller components. It defines the basic system interface, all system processes, all types of users to operate the system, and each user’s administrative levels.

Building the software specification document is an intensive process and requires full client involvement.

We expect you to attend specification meetings and to be available over the phone. It is our goal to develop software that will be 100% compatible with your needs, but we need your input to do so. Remember, only 2.5% of projects in the world reach 100% success. We aspire to reach 100% success in ALL of our projects.

At the end of the specification process, you will receive a specification document written in “human” language. This is not a technical programmers’ document. If you work in an organization with additional decision-making levels or if you collaborate with others on the project, the specification document will help your entire team understand how the project will look at the end.

The Development Process and Going LIVE

After the specification process, the development process begins.

With the thorough specification document in hand, our development team can work efficiently without unnecessary delays. You won’t hear from us a lot during the development process—that’s okay, no one likes answering programmers’ questions.

After development concludes, a testing team will ensure all project components are optimized and operational. We will then submit the project for your testing and approval.

After the system goes live, we will continue to offer hosting and system maintenance as well as ongoing support. We will work with you after system-launch to ensure that everything continues to work perfectly.

Would You Like More Information?

Contact us to schedule a meeting or to receive an estimate for your software development project.


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